DePaul BSU Fashion Show: Yaseen Llewellyn

Fashion Show20170311-52

All photos by: Steven Conyers

Last Saturday on March 11th, DePaul’s BSU held a fashion show called The Color Theory where eight different designers showcased their designs on the runway, and I am honored that I was one of those eight designers. This is my first experience being a part of a fashion show and it was amazing. I truly felt like I was in the right place being backstage collaborating with these talented models to paint my picture on that runway. I am so happy that I was able to showcase my first collection of clothes designed by Yaseen Llewellyn and style the models. All of these clothes meant a great deal to me and have some concepts that I want to discuss.

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The “Llewellyn trench coat” with the “Dip-dyed jeans” look is one of my favorite looks that I styled for the show. The “Llewellyn trench coat” is my approach to blending high fashion with something that is still as raw as streetwear. The juxtaposition of the embroidered flowers on the collar and the frayed wrist. Also, one thing I wanted to do with my clothing on the runway is to effectively style women in men’s clothing. I think when someone is able to surpass the blurred line between women and mens clothing it is able to take your personal style to another level. That is the most important thing about fashion is: style. People can all wear the same exact items, but when you have style you are owning that piece and you can feel it. That’s what I want with my designs is to be able to make those statement pieces in someone’s wardrobe that connects with someone’s style and enhances their style at the same time.

The MONK hoodie also looked amazing on the runway too. I definitely intend to keep designing more items expressing the “Monk” ideology or peace and serenity through your passion. Look forward to more seeing more “Monk” designs from me in the future.

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The “Pink Rose” pieces worked out really well also. All three of the “Pink Rose” pieces (the white and navy blue turtlenecks and the fur vest) are all menswear items. I think the way I styled these items makes you rethink that. And its evident that these women look amazing with the rose accenting their beauty. The “Red Trousers” turned out extremely well done and perfect for the model. These are pants that I took and completely resized them and tailored to how I wanted them to fit. The “Distress jeans” are men’s jeans that I tailored and distressed. With the “Pink Rose fur vest” and the “Distress jeans” made for a great look on the model and her fierce look made it possible for my picture to be painted successfully.

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The “Destruction camo jacket” look with the “Art exhibit t-shirt” and “Distressed black jeans” is also a look that came together very well. The “Art exhibit t-shirt” is a t-shirt design that I made where I wanted the design to look like physical art as if it could be framed. I envisioned the design as a framing of an art exhibit on a t-shirt. The last look to go on the runway was the “Budding rose no collar jacket”. This piece came together very well. At first I was going to pattern the jacket with the same pink roses on the other pieces. I chose to use rose buds because it symbolizes the place I am in currently. I am at the point where I am not a designer yet, but with every piece I create and with the more I am teaching myself about designing clothes I am soon going to bloom into a designer.




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