Designs by Yaseen Llewellyn

Photo by: Steven Conyers

I am Yaseen Llewellyn. I am an aspiring fashion designer. I personalize, design, and tailor clothes. These designs I make root from a lot of different inspirations I get from experiences or just from my vision of how I want clothes to look. Some of my designs root from me trying to express my ideology and theories on certain subjects. In the following pictures, it showcases some of my designs and pants I have tailored. Each of the models outfits in the photo were styled by myself. I hope you enjoy. I post some of my work on my Instagram and Twitter. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @yaseenllewellyn

The “Monk” hoodie was a concept I came up with after realizing how much I love the way the word looks and how much I resonate with my perception of the word’s meaning. The word monk also represents something really powerful to me. To me monks represent mindfulness and serenity. I think a monk represents a type of human that is in tune with one’s true self and purpose. “Monk” is a type of life or being that I wish to achieve through creating.

These pants I designed are all about “Unity”. We as a human race need to unite, help, and love each other more. This is very vague, but true. I think one of the worst things about the world we live in is how divided everyone is, which makes us ignorant about other cultures. This design is also obviously a statement towards “bloods and crips” and uniting to stop violence between the impoverished. These pants explain a lot about my views on human kind and violence.

All of these outfits were styled by me. All of the pants in each of the photos were tailored by me. I did all of the distressing and dip-dyeing, and I designed the “Rose pants”. The “Pink Rose” Carhartt vest was personalized by me.

These are just some of my designs that I was able to shoot this summer. I have tons of more ideas and concepts that I am planning on shooting in the near future. Stay tuned. These projects take time because everything is thought of by me, everything is sewed by me, and everything is funded by yours truly. Thanks for checking this out.


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